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Xtreme Music

Xtreme Music

Listen to the Award Winning Blazing Fast Music Streaming Native Application for BlackBerry 10 that brings you all the music you want. No need to worry anymore no matter where you are, almost all the music you want to find is here. It also includes Disco LED and Disco Flash to make your room the perfect disco place.
*Get the app while it's hot in it's first week for just $0.99.*

* App works similar to Grooveshark and Spotify and Rdio
* if you like using spotify or grooveshark this is a great replacement
* Native Cascades Fast and Smooth
* All the music you can think is available
* Super Quick and Fast
* Disco Lights with the LED and Camera Flash
* Stations & Radio
* Broadcasts
* Popular
* Now Playing
* Next & Previous
* Shuffle
* Repeat
* Top Broadcasts
* Genres
* Songs Queue / Add and Manage Queues
* Search for Songs, Albums and Artists
* Volume
* BBM™ Connected
* Lock Orientation
* Settings
* Help & Instructions
* And more to explore.

Xtreme Radio supports all current and future BlackBerry 10 Devices.

For any concerns please email our support:

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