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Weather Warning

Weather Warning

Weather Warning provides you with warnings in real time that actually wake you up! Weather Warning plays a loud siren that you will not miss.

The app can track you throughout your day no matter where you are traveling to make sure you stay safe!

Do not be fooled by other weather apps. They only send you push notifications that make a small sound that is not effective. Weather Warning has a loud siren sound that will wake you up!

Don't wake up to missed tornado warnings that could have caused you harm.

You get:
- Push Notifications whenever a weather alert occurs
- Background location tracking so you are always up to date on the weather around you
- Radar image

Other apps require you to purchase these features after downloading it and they still cost more to begin with! You get everything you need for a one time payment.
If you are having any problems with the app or something seems wrong, please go to the support page. It is the Facebook page for the app and we will respond to you personally!
Please rate the app when asked to! The app is doing great, but we need more reviews!

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