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Virtual MPC Remote

Virtual MPC Remote

This is a simple application that lets you play, pause, and otherwise control Media Player Classic Home Cinema across your Local Area Network from your BlackBerry® PlayBook™.

Media Player Classic is a free audio and video player for virtually any known codec, and is available at .

After adjusting one setting in your installation of Media Player Classic (see below), and with a valid LAN connection between your computer and your BlackBerry® PlayBook™, you can relax on your couch with your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ and not have to get up to pause, or try to maneuver your mouse on your leg.

The available controls in this application are:
Play, Pause, Stop
Skip Forward or Backward
Jump Forward or Backward (5 or 20 seconds by default, or whatever you set it to in MPC)
Screenshot (Saves to the computer, not to the BlackBerry® PlayBook™)
Toggle Fullscreen
Toggle Subtitles
Step Forward one frame at a time

You can also see the state of the file loaded into MPC, the name of the file, its total length and its current position.

How to Set Up MPC-HC's Web Interface:
1. Open the Options Screen
2. Click Player, then Web Interface
3. Check the checkbox beside "Listen on Port"

How to Set Up Virtual MPC Remote:
1. Open the Application
2. Enter the IP address of the computer with MPC-HC
3. If you changed the Port in MPC's settings, change it on VMPCR. If not, leave it default.

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