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Vayyoo - with FREE trial

Vayyoo - with FREE trial

Vayyoo® connects smartly through your BlackBerry®

It has never been easier to capture and share life's moments in one BlackBerry® application!

Meet Vayyoo® for BlackBerry®. Whether out with friends, having fun on vacation, or witnessing breaking news, Vayyoo is a application that will improve your BlackBerry® life.

Vayyoo® makes capturing and sharing moments simple by integrating the camera, location, email and many other features of your BlackBerry®. Sharing photos and videos of concerts, sporting events and life?s moments has never been this simple.


"Quick to master and beautifully laid out." -Bla1ze,

"This is one of those programs where no matter how thoroughly I explain myself, it won't nearly describe how amazing this program is. Pictures, videos, audio, gps, & text accessing are all changed in this platform." -Mac Jadalhack,

"The foundations of this application are very robust and the potential for it includes almost every industry" -Kyle McInnes,


We highly recommend assigning a convenience key to Vayyoo® so that recording anything is just a click away.

-Deeply integrated with native camera, microphone, GPS, email, calendar & address book applications
-Makes publishing multiple media files to yourself, individuals, groups and communities simple and in one place
-Works with GPS and will include a map link in the body of the outgoing message if desired.
-Includes a setup-wizard for setting up custom destinations and getting started.
-Add-Ons using My Account (Please note: you don't need an account for using this application. If you need to Ad-Ons please contact

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