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Super Email - Filter

Super Email - Filter

This App is a collection of Email plugins to enhance your emailing experience.

No more downloading of n number of different applications when you get all the apps related to Email right here at one place. :)


1) Templates - Tired of typing the same email routinely ??? Instead use templates to make your task easy with just one click.

2) Signature- Add different signature to different email accounts and show the world who you are.

3) Filter - Create filters to filter your emails for spam or auto forwarding (pro/paid version).

4) Convert to- Convert to lets you to convert an email into task, appointment,memo pad, template.

5) Priority contact- Associate an email id with a priority level so that you know in prior who has emailed you by seeing the blinking
LED color.

6)Trash- This folder keeps the deleted emails so that in case you delete an email by mistake you wont regret it.

7) Spam - This folder contains the spam mails based on the filters created.

8) Auto Respond - Are you in a meeting or gone fishing ?? Simply create an auto respond to deal with the incoming emails.(pro/paid
version) :)

Download it you wont regret it. :)

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