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SloPro for Android

Did you ever think you could make beautiful slow motion video right from your phone? SloPro makes this incredibly simple and fun to do!

"SloPro lets you make beautiful slow-motion iPhone videos at 60 frames per second." -- GIZMODO

"SloPro records video at 60FPS for awesome slow motion masterpieces" -- Redmond Pie

"SloPro cranks iPhone 4S camera to 60FPS for true slow motion camera" -- Cult of Mac

✭✭ Real 60 fps!! (iPhone 4S*) ✭✭✭✭

iPhone 4S can now record in 60 frames per second! What was previously believed to be impossible is now a reality--no tricks, no software smearing or fading. This is the REAL DEAL!

What does this mean? Normal video is recorded at 30 frames per second (fps), so when you slow it down it looks choppy. With an iPhone 4S + SloPro, your video is recorded at 60fps so when you slow it down it looks nice and smooth, like what you see in the movies.

- Toggle slow motion while recording!
- Trim and change slow motion afterwards if needed
- No rendering delay--watch slow motion immediately!
- Facebook upload
- YouTube upload
- Upgrade to email, export to camera roll, and export raw 60fps

For non-iPhone 4S
60fps is only on the iPhone 4S. Other devices can still record, edit and share great slow motion videos at 30fps.

Check out our YouTube channel for tips and samples:

* All other devices will record 30fps
** Why are you still reading? It's FREE! Download it!
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