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Thank you for your interest in Shops&Rewards! The first of its kind app in the UAE that rewards you with interesting complimentary gifts based on your social activities with your favourite brands.

Have you ever seen an advertisement of your favorite brand and liked it so much that you wanted to share it with your friends and family but you couldn’t because it was stuck on a magazine or posted on a billboard?

Well, not anymore because the new Shops&Rewards app brings those ads directly to your phone and the best thing is that you get rewarded for being an ambassador of your favourite brands.

It's time your brands reward you…Enjoy complimentary rewards from leading brands in UAE.

Now its time to become an ambassador of your brand, once you have decided on which brands you want to be involved with, you have five options (Like, Facebook Share, Twitter Share, Email, Comment) to choose from on how you would like to market your favourite brands.

What do you get for marketing your favorite brands? Recognition- every time you make a social activity for a certain brand you will be rewarded points towards that brand, once you collect enough points for a you will be rewarded gifs by your favourite brands

To make life easier we have even created a “Me” section that lets you track your activities. Keeping note of all the points you have accumulated for your favorite brands. Also states how many points have earned for each ad

Once you become eligible to receive a reward, you can pick and choose which rewards you would like to receive. You can pick up your reward at the advertisers nearest branch. We even offer you GPS navigation, guiding you to the advertisers location.

-- The Shops&Rewards Team

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