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ScoutLook® Hunting Weather

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ScoutLook® Hunting Weather for Windows Phone

Map-based weather details to help hunters decide where, when and how to hunt.

The ScoutLook® Weather App is a world-class resource for weather details, geocoded to your exact locations.

ScoutLook provides map-based integration of weather details including radar, wind activity, solunar times, lunar phase, hourly barometric changes, and other data hunters use to decide where, when and how to hunt. ScoutLook delivers the information you need to plan your hunt, just the way you need it. It's like nothing you've ever seen before!

ScoutLook's ScentCone and SetZone Wind Maps are the first of their kind, delivering visual wind forecasts for your treestands and duck blinds for 72 hours. With these powerful maps, you can select which areas to hunt based on future wind conditions.

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