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ScanLife Barcode Reader - Auto

ScanLife Barcode Reader - Auto

Finally, ScanLife for BlackBerry® the way it’s meant to be - automatic! Just open the app and hold it over a barcode to scan in seconds – no clicking or snapping photos!

ScanLife turns your camera phone into an all-in-one bar code reader so now it’s easier than ever to quickly access websites, product pricing, videos & more. Scan any of the common codes you see on ads or signage like QR Codes, Datamatrix and EZcode.

You can also scan common UPC codes on all products to get an entire menu of information:
- Compare prices to make sure you’re getting the best deal, or buy right on the phone
- Get the latest deals to save on related products
- See coupons for every day items like food & personal care (US Only)
- See nutritional information on common food items (US Only)
- View a history of all your scans, and share them by email or Facebook

Can’t scan the code for some reason? You just type the barcode number or product name to get the same results!

Scan the square 2D codes you find on printed material, business cards, and signage to launch a website, videos, and offers in seconds.

You can also go to to create your own codes that link to your social networking site or choose from paid options to create codes for your business.

Get ScanLife now and get more!

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