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RainAware Weather Timer - Track Rain & Storms To Your Exact Location To Within Minutes!

"It's going to rain in 57 minutes"

Time rain and storms to your exact location, to within minutes with RainAware.
RainAware updates quickly to stay ahead of changing weather. We use cutting-edge techniques to create a customized precipitation forecast just for you, wherever you are. Skies look dark? Doesn't always mean rain. Don't be surprised again...know for sure! See LIVE raintimes here:

►Why settle for this: "There is a 50% chance of rain today"

►When you can have this: "It's going to rain in 1 hour 30 minutes"

Stay dry when running errands, at the golf course, at the lake, or working outdoors. The uses are endless.

--- FEATURES ---

► Rain timer counts down the minutes until precipitation arrives at or leaves your exact GPS location. Times precipitation up to three hours out.

► Updates every minute to stay ahead of even the most changeable crazy weather.

► Background images change depending on the threat.

► Check rain times in over 1000 US ciites.

► Points of interest: See precipitation times for major airports, pro golf courses, downtown areas, pro sports stadiums and more.

► Radar Imagery: View up-to-date local radar images with your location highlighted.


--- CHECK SERVICE AREA --- . RainAware may not work well in mountainous terrain where radar beams can be blocked. Works best where terrain is relatively flat.

Contact us directly to discuss how well RainAware works for you, or if you have feedback for improvements. Reviews with no contact information are not helpful and we will not be able to address your concern. Contact us by visiting our website:

† RainAware is for use in the United States, Guam and Puerto Rico only. RainAware relies on National Weather Service radars and may not work properly if a radar is down or if the beam is blocked by mountains. In rare instances, ground clutter may result in a false positive for rain at your location. Extremely light sprinkles or drizzle may not always be detected. Precipitation times will change as RainAware adjusts to rapidly changing weather conditions. Precipitation can form suddenly or dissipate at any time.

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