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Railroad Germany

Railroad Germany

With this app you are able to search fast for your favourite connections and find out when your next train will leave. You can store often needed Train Stations and Connections as Favourites to just check when you have to leave.

- favourite connections for fast access
- search for Train Stations by Name
- search for Train Stations based on your GPS location
- search based on a Map
- search for connections
- history for search keywords and for used train stations in the past
- show results as a list, as the mobile website in a built in browser or you are able to open the result directly in the Browser
- details about a connection
- german and english menus
- share details about your trip (departure and arrival time at example) or just copy it to the clipboard
- create a event at your calendar based on departure and arrival time

This app covers the german railroad network including local subway connections and some bigger connections to larger european towns from and to german towns and villages.

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