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Quick SMS New

Quick SMS New

Flash SMS empowers you to send short messages to the recipient's mobile phone as a popup that will be displayed immediately on the home screen. It is displayed as a "Flash Message", so the user doesn't need to open it!

It is simple, direct and fast. It works just like the network notifications you get from your service provider.

SCHEDULER:- You can easily schedule any future SMS.

GROUP MANAGEMENT:- This app gives you power to manage the groups effectively.

OUTBOX:- Contains all the history so that you can easily review what and to whom you have send the Flash Messages.


* Simple and intuitive UI

* Easy to use

* No extra charges incurred(normal SMS rates will be applied)

* Option to save the SMS in the Inbox

* Send Flash messages to multiple contacts at one go

* Contacts Integration: You can choose a contact from your contact list or can enter the number manually

****** The proper functioning of Flash SMS solely depend upon the fact that whether your service provider provides the flash SMS facility or not! ******

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