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Quick launcher Lite- ShortCut and Instant Access For Facebook WhatsApp BBM Mails Message SMS Contact from Any App

* Now it comes with convenience key option *
Get rid of having to pull up your long list of applications just to start your favorite few!!! Now access your favorite applications quickly and fast.

It is an app which will keep your favorite applications on your finger-tips. Launch those app from anywhere. It will work just like the native app switcher.

Quick Launcher is a simple, handy, little application designed to help you launch just about anything (native applications, documents, programs, etc). Set the quick launcher on the convenience key(right side key) then after simply press it and the quick launch dialogue will appear. While app switcher shows only running apps, the quick launcher contains all those app that you have added in it running as well as closed.

It is a fully customizable launch bar containing the list of applications that you can access anytime, from any application, without leaving the application.

With Quick Launcher you don't even have to leave your application and return to the home screen. Your favorite applications are just one press away! It is always present in your menu.


* Add your favorite apps

* Easily Rearrange And Remove the applications

* Add unlimited number of applications in your list

* Launch it from anywhere, whether you are in an application or home screen

* Launches running as well as closed apps

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