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Personal Lock

Personal Lock

Have some secret photos that you don't want anyone to see?
Are you hesitant of storing some personal photos ,videos or files in phone?
Frustrated of snooping girlfriend/boyfriend that regularly prying into your personal stuffs?

BAM! Smarten up, keep all these at bay and enjoy :)

All you need is to download this simple but essential app and secure all your photos, videos and files at one click....

There are times when you store it and forget it, which could mistakenly get noticed by others(Parents..huh//) when you are away and you feel embarrassed.
This app is a companion of you that secure your personal stuffs and enables you to protect it from unauthorized access.
Designed to lock you personal folders(images/videos/files) to comprehensibly extend your protection like never before.

*protect your personal stuff(images/videos/files) rather than locking the whole gallery
* A simple and light program
* Comprehensive to use
* Password protection
*Directly move items to personal lock via menu "Add to personal lock"option

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