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Period Tracker for BlackBerry

Period Tracker for BlackBerry

A lifestyle calendar for women. It can be used to track menstrual periods to monitor a woman's physical conditions and schedule activities around the fertility cycle accordingly.

Use the calendar interface to create, edit, organize, navigate through, and preview your historic records and forecasts. A mark on a specific date indicates the type of records saved for that date. It also tells which day you are in your cycle and when your next period will start. Cycles view lists historic data on menstrual periods and your average cycle length. Period Calendar also allows you to manually override the parameters used in the forecast function, and change other preference in the settings view.

Period Tracker Features:-
1. Keep a log of biological data such as days of menstrual periods, date of ovulation; and record physical conditions such as cramps, PMS etc.
2.Keep a log of your daily thoughts.
3.Statistics - gives you the average, shortest and longest period information.
4.BBT Chart: a graphic weekly and monthly chart that shows your basal body temperature data.
5.Use the historical data to forecast fertility cycles to help you make family plans or schedule for special occasions. You can also override the forecast parameters.
6.Easily navigate through, organize, preview, and edit your records in a calendar interface
7.Password protection to keep your personal records safe.

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