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PassCrypt for Android
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PassCrypt for iPhone
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PassCrypt for Windows Phone
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We live in a world where user privacy is nearly nonexistant. Popular companies collect personal information in order to better sell advertising data, and governments subpoena or otherwise obtain that information at will.
Protect your personal data with PassCrypt.

PassCrypt is more than just a password keeper; PassCrypt is a data encrypter.
PassCrypt is free to use for up to 4 entries; with a single in-app purchase, you can save as many entries as you want and remove ads forever.

Before a brief explanation of how PassCrypt works, here's some of the features included:
Save unlimited Passwords/Data (up to 5mb (theoretical limit)) of encrypted text - that's a lot. (Free Version, save up to 4).
No advertising in Pro version.
Unbeatable security.
Real-time encryption updates while typing.
Backup Encrypted Data to Device Memory.
Restore backed up data.
6 included categories: Online, Other, Credit, Banks, Personal, and Text (notes).
Save backed up data to Remember/Evernote, send via email, or other installed apps.
Available for BlackBerry Z10, Q10, and Q5.
BlackBerry Peek and Flow.
Intuitive UI.
Unparalleled developer support.

Here's how PassCrypt works:
1. When you log in to PassCrypt for the first time, you create a Passphrase, which is used to encrypt all your data. This Passphrase is NOT stored in permanent memory in plain text; rather, it is stored in temporary memory in plain text for decryption, and deleted when PassCrypt is closed. A SHA-512 hash of your Passphrase is stored in memory for later comparison, allowing you to log in. Hash's cannot be decrypted.

2. Any data saved the app is encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption. AES 256 bit encryption has never been cracked. With current technology, it is estimated that the time to brute force an AES 256 bit encryption is 3.31x10^56 years (that's longer than scientists estimate the universe has existed).

3. When you close the app, your Passphrase is deleted from memory and

3. For convenience, the encrypted can be exported. Remember, AES 256 bit encryption.

4. When you minimize the app, you must enter your Passphrase again.

5. Restoring a backup restores the hash of your Passphrase (remember, hashes are unencryptable), preventing anyone from accessing the app without your Passphrase after a restore.

All that, and more.


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