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Parrot - Voice Recorder

Parrot - Voice Recorder

Parrot is an app that is exclusive to the BlackBerry 10 platform which allows you to easily record, play and share voice recordings! Parrot is designed to quickly allow you to flow from recording a track, to playing to sharing it, all within 3 taps!

*** Record ***

Record audios tracks and see a live graph of your audio input. You can easily pause, start and stop any track as you record.

*** Play ***

View a full list of your recordings, play them with a tap. You are full empowered to rename, share, copy and modify your tracks.

*** Share ***

With two taps you can share any audio track via BBM, Text Message, Email, Bluetooth, NFC, BlackBerry Remember and more!

** Parrot Pro (Available as an in-app purchase) **

Parrot Pro is an in-app purchase that will enhance your experience:
- Call Recording: You can now be prompted or automatically record phone calls within Parrot. Tested to work with OS 10.2.1!

- Password Protection: Password protect your track lists. We have implemented one-way encryption using the BlackBerry OS Cryptographic Kernel. Passwords can be recovered using your BlackBerry ID.

- Attachments: Attach notes, photos, contacts and GPS locations to recordings while you're recording, saving or viewing track details. Attachments can be viewed, changed and deleted through the track details page.

- Record to SD Storage: Record directly to your SD card (including SDHC 16GB, 32GB and 64GB cards).

- Sort Tracks: Sort by date, name, duration, file size, and storage location in both ascending and descending orders quickly and easily.

- Tap Anywhere Recording: Tap anywhere on the recording screen to start and stop recordings (can be disabled/enabled).

- Refresh All: Refresh all your tracks to update durations and file sizes with one simple tap.

- Import Tracks: Bring your outside recordings into Parrot to manage them.

- Media Key: The media key can be enabled to start and stop recordings.

- First Priority Service: First priority feedback, feature requests, help and updates for Pro members.

To buy Parrot Pro, upgrade, open Parrot, tap the menu button in the bottom left and navigate to the Parrot Pro tab. Simply tap the upgrade button, then you will be presented with payment options through BlackBerry World.

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