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Night Video Recorder Free

Night Video Recorder Free

Have you ever been in a situation of clicking the images or recording a video instantly in a dark, But were struck with the menu options.

No need to trouble through the options in order to illuminate the video recorder with flashlight. Just a one click and the Video recorder will launch along with the Camera Flash. Hence making your device useful, whenever it’s required the most.

Night Video will launch the video recorder with active flashlight. Just one click and get ready for recording the video whenever and wherever.

Night Video can be used as a Flashlight Torch and as a Video Recorder at the same time. So, why just use the flashlight as a torch, when you can do a lot more.

Note: Kindly allow all the permissions to the application. This will optimize its functioning and give you a better and brighter flashlight to use.


* Brightest Flash Light at One click.
* Video Recording with one Touch.
* Video Recording with Flash light

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