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My Mobile Watchdog for iPhone

Trusted parental controls to monitor and manage your family's mobile phones.

Easy to setup parental control app that allows you to monitor and manage your child's Android mobile phone activities at any time. My Mobile Watchdog is the most
trusted and effective parental protection for you and your family and comes with a complete set of parental controls to keep your children safe.
My Mobile Watchdog comes with must have features of any parental controls for mobile phones
as seen on Dr. Phil, CNN, NBC, ABC News, CBS News and more.
You and your child must have Android mobile phones. Protect an unlimited number of children.
My Mobile Watchdog has the best features of any parental controls for mobile phones as seen on Dr. Phil, CNN, NBC, ABC News and more:

* Monitoring and Alerts:
Monitor your child's phone activities in real-time with My Mobile Watchdog, including:
- Phone Calls
- Text Messages (SMS)
- Photos/Videos (MMS)
- Contact List Changes
* Receive instant text or email notifications of your child's unauthorized activities to your phone or email.
* View your child's mobile activities by date, status, time, action and detail. Print online reports of monitored activity.
* The Daily Watch: A daily summary of your child’s activity conveniently packaged and sent to your email.
* Allowed Contact List:
- Automatically sync all your child's contacts quickly and easily allowing you to set up a master list of contacts. Only you have access to add or make changes.
- Mark contacts as Allow or Alert.
- Include contact phone numbers, email, and text addresses as well as other information.
- Provide an automatic cross-check of all calls, emails, and text messages against the authorized contact list.
* Block Web Access: Control your child's access to the Internet and block any individual website that you feel is not appropriate. You will receive alerts when your child attempts to access a blocked site.
* Web Logging: All mobile Internet activity on your child's phone is logged and easily accessible from the app and from your My Mobile Watchdog online account.
* Time Blocking: Disable the phone during certain times of day, like schools hours or after 9 pm. During blocked times, your child will only be allowed to make calls to emergency phone numbers (like 911) and other important numbers designated by you, the account holder.
* App Blocking: Block any app on your child's phone. Blocked apps become password-protected and you can grant temporary access at anytime. Control apps such as:
- Social Networking Apps (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
- Mobile Games (Angry Birds, Bejeweled, etc.)
- Instant Messaging Apps (Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Beluga)
- Web Browser or Camera

* My Mobile Watchdog Online:
- Get full access to www.mymobilewatchdog from your computer.
- Know where your children are with GPS Location for up to 9 children.

The Mobile Watchdog Parental Controls Philosophy:
* Engage and communicate with your child.
* Promote responsibility.
* Understand that your children can access the world with their smartphone.

Getting Started:
* Click Install above to download your My Mobile Watchdog app.
* Create your account and enter your promo code if you have one.
* Add your children to your account.
* We send a text message to your child’s smartphone with a link to get the FREE MMWD Child’s app which listens to your child’s phone activities from the Google Play Store.
* Get your child’s Android phone ASAP. Open our text message. Click on the link, which will open the Google Play Store on your child’s phone. Tap Install to download the app.
* Open the app on your child’s phone and enter your account login and tap Submit.
* Finally, tap the Activate button on the Device Admin screen and then tap OK.
* You're all done! The My Mobile Watchdog Child’s App will begin syncing and you are now protecting your child!

My Mobile Watchdog is the most trusted and effective parental control protection for you and your children’s Android phones. My Mobile Watchdog has a special 50% off the regular price of $9.95 per month.

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