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Moron Finder and Detector Free - Funny Application that search for Dumbs and Idiots around you

Disclaimer: Moron Finder is intended just for fun. Any conflict with your neighbor, boss or friend is your own responsibility. Please don’t blame it on the application.

It’s completely a Fun Application where you can certify any of your friends to be an idiot.

Take your friend’s picture or Browse from your device and Scan the picture to detect a Moron/Idiot in it.

You can also use the Radar to scan your surrounding and the application will let you know how many morons are around you.

Using the Moron Meter, scan your friends and the beeps will tell you if he/she is a moron. Click on “Space Bar” and the beep will increase proving the person is a Moron.

A great way to get laughs. Whether you are at a family get together, with friends, or at work.

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*Three different techniques
*Picture Scanner
*Moron Meter
*Funny Sound Effects

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