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Mileage Tracker - Free

Mileage Tracker - Free

Mileage Tracker is an app that helps you track whats in your tank. This app allows you to track your vehicles mileage and analyze its performance and efficiency.

This app is essential for anyone who needs to track mileage for tax deduction or reimbursement.

Mileage Tracker has been designed to take the time and tedium out of this money saving process. It's fast, clever, and above all, easy to use. With predictive input, auto-entry, auto-calculation, and quick access to frequent trips, it tells you the entire trip's expenditure.
With just a few clicks create useful data ready to search, sort, and generate email reports.

1. Easily sort, filter, and search trips.
2. Predictive text fields and data entry shortcuts.
3. Frequent trips enable quick entry.
4. Supports both miles and kilometers
5. Shows reimbursement rates.
6. Supports multiple client entries.
7. Odometer entry.
8. Compatible with all OS 4.3 & above.

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