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KeepFit is a rich collection of Facts and Tips that will familiarize you with the Benefits and Use of Nature Cure with Natural Food. The application not only contains facts about the Nutritional value of various food items but also contains information about the usefulness of food in the treatment of various diseases and health problems.


Nature Cure is not just a system of curing aches and pains, it is a complete science. It is the research and implementation of all that is good in Nature.

Did you know that -

* Fruits that are rich in Vitamins A, B-complex and C, Sugar, Calcium and Iron like Apple, Lemon, Orange assist in the proper functioning of Heart and keep it healthy even in old age.


* Fruits like Apple, Date and Mango that contain vitamins A, B-complex and Phosphorus have a protective and stimulating effect on the nerves. Hence, regular use of these fruits can sharpen memory and prevent mental tension, Hysteria and Insomnia.

With KeepFit on your smartphone you will realize that it's not just the Apple which keeps Doctors away but Almonds, Apricots, Banana, ..... and several other items too.


1. Food Items: This option lets you select a food item and gives you the Nutritional and Therapeutic value of the selected item. 45 items included.

2. Minerals & Vitamins: This section lists 21 essential Minerals and Vitamins along with their Benefits and Dietary sources.

3. Juices: Here you will find the therapeutic use of various fruit and vegetable juices. Suggested juices for 35 health problems.

4. Healing Foods: Here you will find the solution to some common ailments with Natural food. 20 health problems covered.

5. Staying Young: Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle and Healthy Diet that will help you not only in living a longer life but a youthful life as well.

6. Before the Doctor: Here you will find some useful household tips for 15 common health problems.

7. About Nature Cure: Here you will find some valuable information related to Nature Cure with Natural Foods.


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