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If you going to Java Jazz Festival 2013 (JJF2013), then you should have this app in your smartphone. Java Jazz mobile app provide you anything related to Java Jazz Festival 2013. This app running with 5 main menus. Festival Info, DS Mild, Schedule, Sponsor, and Artist. Each of them serve different information but still in touch with this event.

Festival Info gives any information regarding the event. It has sub-menu called Maps and Direction which users can see the stage and booth location. Another sub-menu in Festival Info is News where provide users with up to date news related to JJF2013.

DS Mild is a special menu from Djarum Super Mild. This menu consist of trivia Quiz with awesome prizes, Photo Gallery which post some photos during JJF2013. The last sub-menu is Merchandise which help users to get original merchandise from Java Jazz Festival.

Schedule is one of the most important menu in this app. Users can check schedule based on date or based on stage. This menu is equipped with save-to-calendar function that can allow it as a reminder so the users won’t missed their favorite artists’ performances.

Sponsor is a special menu representing simPATI. This menu offer you Jazzy Games and simPATI Quiz with lucrative prizes. Jazzy Games is challenge game for user by guessing icon or song or jazz artist. simPATI Quiz is a simple trivia quiz related to Java Jazz event. simPATI is sub-menu which offering you news from simPATI. Another sub-menu in Sponsor is Online Booking which users can take the opportunity to purchase ticket with special price.

The last menu in this app is Artist. User can find information about their favorite artist based on Indonesia Artist and International Artist or user just search them by
typing the name.

This is a full package mobile application for JJF-goers, it will guide and accommodate people before and during the event. So what are you waiting for? Be the first to get this app and feel the Java Jazz hype in your hand..!!!

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