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IYAA Messenger

IYAA Messenger

Not only a text chat! Submit characters, backgrounds, and emoticons cartoons directly with your message.

- Chat and communicate via cartoon

- Cartoon World of creative, start iyaa Messenger !!!

Main Functions iyaa Messenger

Chatting with friends picture as a cartoon itself. Chat with your friends as cartoons.

Cartoon automatically created when chatting

Text with some expression in visualized through the characters and backgrounds

* Can add friends not only through contact, either through iyaa ID

Other messengers only able to invite friends through contact OR ID.

However, iyaa Messenger can also invite your friends via User ID

* Increase in system level and Gold (Gold).

Iyaa Messenger has implemented a reward system based on the frequency of use.

You gain experience points based on your activity such as chat, invite friends, purchase goods, and got a rate hike after reaching a certain point.

After the rate rise, you will get the amount of gold (virtual game currency) according to your rank.

**This app is in Bahasa Indonesia

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