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iSpy for BlackBerry - Best Spying App

iSpy for BlackBerry - Best Spying App

iSpy is a hybrid software which allows you to silently monitor your BlackBerry® device in real time.This unique system records the activities of anyone who uses your BlackBerry® in complete stealth. You install the small program onto your device.After the software is setup on your phone it will record SMS, call, BBM™ chat activities and then silently keeps the data.When you want to view results, simply visit the app and enter the password to see the activity logs.iSpy is a Password protected App that comes with customizable Icon and Name.
1. Call Log: Each incoming and outgoing number is logged along with time stamp.
2. SMS Log: Every text message is logged even if the device's logs are deleted. Includes full text.
3. E-Mail Log: All inbound & outbound email activities are recorded.
4. Media Log: All photos taken or viewed on the device are recorded & are view-able.
5. File System: Keeps a track of all the file changes on your device.
6. Application Log: Tracks all the applications visited along with the time visited.
7. Password protected
8. Customizable Icon and Name

***How to Spy***
To activate or deactivate the tracking, simply type the Tracking sequence. Default tracking sequence is RED - END CALL BUTTON and then ESCAPE BUTTON (4 times in a row). You can set your own tracking sequence from the settings.

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