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iSmoothRun for Android

iSmoothRun is the best App to effectively track and log all of your running, walking, hiking, cycling and any other fitness activity you like. No hidden costs. One version with all features. Excellent sensor connectivity. Solid performance. Continuous development.

The most popular third party activity tracker on the RunKeeper site. The App all serious runners rave about. The App with the best Interval and workout editor to help you follow your training plan. Create your workout and let iSmoothRun coach you with audio cues. Programmed by runners. Check out our user reviews. Featured by Apple in What's Hot!

- Don't worry about GPS signal
Using both the GPS and Accelerometer iSmoothRun literally follows you in every step of your training. You can even start your run outdoors, move indoors on a treadmill, and iSmoothRun will automatically switch modes and continue tracking. If you own a ANT+ footpod we can connect with it too.

- Follow your Heart
Heart rate monitoring is a great way to advance your training. Pair iSmoothRun with your ANT+ Heart rate belt through a hardware connector and let the App track every heart beat. Support for Heart Rate Zone coaching. Support for Fisica BlueHR for 4s.

- Listen
Accurately tracks time, distance, location, pace, altitude, running cadence, heart rate, and reports them with audio announcements at configurable time or distance intervals.

- Auto Pause
Stopped at a traffic light, or on the top of your climb to catch a glimpse of the view? iSmoothRun will pause and start automatically as soon as you are on the move again.

- Improve you running Style
iSmoothRun will consistently track your running cadence. Use the build in metronome to easily raise it, improve your running style, run longer and avoid injuries. It's no coincidence that it's called iSmoothRun.

- Your data are yours
We love being open. Export your training data in GPX/TCX, KML, or CSV (spreadsheet) format. Connect and share your workouts with the most active running communities,,, and Post to Facebook and Twitter.

- Intervals? We love them too
Powerful interval editor will let you define, in an easy way, all of your interval workouts. iSmoothRun will then coach you during your run based either on Pace or Heart rate zone.

- Track your Shoe mileage
Every runner knows that tracking the mileage of his running shoes is essential. Now it's easier than ever.

- Listen to your music
Music is scientifically proven to be a great motivator. iSmoothRun is compatible with iPod. It will properly lower the volume for the announcements and then restore it.

- Enjoy
Danish design. Retina display. When it comes to design only the best is good enough.

- Check your run on the map
With one glance see where you were fast or slow. The path is colored by pace.

- Check your workout statistics
Average pace/speed, cadence, total distance, time, average/maximum heart rate and climb. Splits and interval statistics. Graphs for pace cadence heart rate and altitude. All that during and after the workout.

- Your iPhone is your training log
All your data stored in the device. Graphs for your mileage and workload as they were meant to be, per training week. Follow closely your training load, train smarter and avoid overtraining.

- Lose weight
Track your caloric expenditure for both running, walking and cycling taking into account activity type, weight, gender and slope or heart rate if available. Track your weight.

- We love Cycling too
Pair it with your ANT+ speed/cycling sensor, and follow closely your cycling training also. Of course separate Heart rate training zones can be defined.

- Ghost Run
Race against a previous run of yours. Get motivated, evaluate your training.

** Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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