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Add photo ideas to Share on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Home Decor is the #1 category on Pinterest. Now, you can snap pictures of your inspiration and easily add your photos to and then pin on Pinterest, share on Facebook, and tweet on Twitter too. is a social discovery website allowing you to compare, share, and shop for home decor and home fashions. This companion app allows you to easily snap pictures of home fashions whenever you are out shopping or when you are inspired by someone else's decorating style.

SNAP by HomeDecor helps you build a collection of decorating ideas. Build 'walls' for every room in your house and fill these with visual bookmarks, making it easy to remember when the time comes.

The app works really well for Home Stagers and Interior Decorators alike who want an easy way to record their ideas and share these with clients. Ideas when posted onto can also be used to recall projects and promote your work.

For convenience, you can authenticate your account (or create a new account) using either Facebook or Twitter. We do not store passwords. Upon uploading an image or taking a picture, you can choose to upload it to Facebook, Pinterest, Foursquare, or Twitter. Auto-posting to Facebook and Twitter can be enabled with your explicit opt-in and you can easily stop this at any time. While we cannot auto-post to Pinterest yet (still waiting on their API), you can easily add Ideas and photos if you already have a Pintrest account.

With this application, home decorators and shoppers can take an idea and photo (manually or via Foursquare) and tag its location. Idea tagging is useful to remember where you saw a particular piece of home decor (and thus return to purchase it later).

We have a lot more ideas coming soon. Stay tuned for future iterations.

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