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Hill Climb Fire Truck Rescue

Hill Climb Fire Truck Rescue

Play Hill Climb Fire Truck Rescue as a saviour drive to steep hilly metropolis areas. As 911 rescuer your mission is to reach mountains top, park firetruck at right target location to extinguish fire.Save victims from catastrophic crisis situation in unseen amazing relief game.

2015 Rescuing Features:

• 10 extreme challenging rescue op missions
• Fully equipped fire engine truck
• Stunning treacherous roads and steep mountains like arctic
• Awesome animations about landslide and rock fall
• Smooth on-screen controls for amazing driving and parking experience
• High definition 3D graphics represents realistic hilly environment

Being part of 911 rescue squad team respond to emergency accident and fire fighting situations quickly. Show extreme bravery and hills driving skills to perform heroic acts. Some houses on mountain top are blazing and hills climbers are stuck in it. Put on your firefighter uniform and rush to fire brigade truck. Get behind the steering wheel, fasten your seat belt and race towards uphill target location. Ambulance is already there to deliver first aid to wounded patients. You need more skills than ordinary inferno brigade truck driver to drive on treacherous roads on steep mountains. Ambulance driver will take injured people to nearest hospital in hills.

Your fireman battalion is always ready to cope with emergency firefighting situations. Fire department has informed that different objects are blazing. Hurry up! Put on your firefighter helmet, grab the water hose and extinguish blaze explosions. Always take safety measures to prevent road accidents. Avoid crashing into schoolbus in suburban city traffic or you might get busted. This hill climb racing simulator game has realistic physics and unique gameplay. As fireman rescuer become ultimate savior for injured citizen in hill station game. Army Comanche helicopter is there to assist in catastrophic situation for rescuing people and drop them to helipad.

Download Hill Climb Fire Truck Rescue 3D simulator game and help citizens with your priceless services to aid the wounded victims. Enjoy thrilling ride!

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