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Helicopter Directory

Helicopter Directory

The Free App version contains 16 modern Civil and EMS helicopters from around the world. Color photos, technical specifications and manufacturers’ categories are included to show all the aspects of each helicopter.

If you want more helicopters you can purchase the Full App.

You will find an “In App Purchase” in the Free App when you get to a helicopter not available in the Free version.

The Full App contains 66 modern Civil and EMS helicopters.
It costs only US$ 7.99

- 66 Modern Helicopters with colour photos
- Technical details for each helicopter including
- Date of introduction
- Engine type, name, number and power output
- Physical dimensions
- Empty Mass and Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW)
- No. of main rotor blades
- No. of pilots and passengers
- Performance capabilities such as rate of climb and maximum cruise speed
- Service ceiling (in feet and metres )
- Range (in nautical miles and kilometres)
- Alphabetical Manufacturers categories
- All values given in Imperial and Metric units

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