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Hard Rock Fm

Hard Rock Fm

Once installed, select 'YES' to grant Trusted status to the App. This will permit internet radio streaming. Rest assured that no personal information is accessed by the app. The app can then be found in your Downloads or Applications folder.

Note that some BlackBerry® device configs will not be able to stream live radio.

You can also select the various methods to access the audio stream like 3G, BIS, WAP, Wifi.

If you are experiencing problems with accessing the live audio stream via your data connection or using WAP, please contact your mobile operator to get details of the APN (Access Point Network) settings required for your mobile network. Please also ensure that you have a valid data plan with your operator to access the APN. Having e-mail access on your BlackBerry® device may not necessarily mean you have the data access for WAP with your operator.

For APN settings on your BlackBerry®, go to Options - Advanced Options - TCP/IP - Enter APN settings for your operator.

While you can access the stream from anywhere with a data connection, do note that roaming data charges apply with your mobile operator.

87.6 Hard Rock FM Jakarta is a pop Cross-Over radio station. Our playlist is a mixture of Hot Adult Contemporary, Contemporary Hits Radio, Urban Music, Modern Rock & many more.

87.6 Hard Rock FM is also the FIRST lifestyle & entertainment station in Indonesia. Download this official mobile application and you will always be in touch with your favorite radio station as well as the latest lifestyle and entertainment info in Jakarta and around the world, wherever you are.

While listening to 87.6 Hard Rock FM on your mobile phone, you will also be able to access other information of the various shows as well as the latest updates on the station's events and promotions. With this application, you can also listen to the station's podcast and even take part in the station's on-going quiz, contact the station and share what you are doing.

Content Features include:
Player with full station interactivity
Chart Updates
Station's Podcast
Station Photo Gallery
Event Updates
Access to station's FB fan page and twitter feed
Promotions and offers from Hard Rock FM

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