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Handy Scanner

Handy Scanner

We all value our time and our mobility. We all enjoy our BlackBerry experience and we all want to be more productive with our BlackBerry 10 device. That's exactly why we built Handy Scanner - the app that turns your BlackBerry into a portable and powerful scanner tool. Scan documents, forms, receipts, save them as PDSs in seconds and instantly share over email, BBM, NFC or Bluetooth!

Here is what users say about Handy Scanner:

"Works great. Fast and useful. Thumbs up."

"This app is very easy to use, the results are fantastic. You will not regret having it handy on your devices."

"The BEST pdf creator!"

"One of the few pearls of the Blackberry World!"

How do you like its integration into the BlackBerry 10 operating system? Imagine: you receive a picture via email, open it in Handy Scanner right from the attachment preview, edit it, save as PDF, and instantly send the PDF back. Yes, you can do it with Handy Scanner!

Main features:
* multi-page PDF documents
* advanced camera view with helper grid and bubble level
* cropping and rotating images for a better fit on a page
* adjusting brightness and contrast
* grayscale filter
* saving on SD card
* sharing via email, BBM, NFC, Bluetooth
* integration into virtually every app that supports viewing images!

It's up to you to chose your favorite use pattern, whether it is launching Handy Scanner and opening pictures in it, or taking pictures first and then open them in Handy Scanner right from the Camera app, or even add them from Pictures app. There is virtually no limit: Handy Scanner is integrated into Camera, Pictures, File Manager, BBM, email or even WhatsApp!

Handy Scanner has achieved the Built for BlackBerry™ designation. This means that it has been through a rigorous approval process at BlackBerry and will deliver a quality BlackBerry® 10 experience.


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