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Google Search Popup for BlackBerry - Fastest Google Search popup - Free Edition for Blackberry

** Google Web Search for BlackBerry® is the fastest tool for web searches and works for all BlackBerry® Devices **

Over 530,000 users are surfing the web faster. Why not you?

Instantly perform Google searches anywhere on your BlackBerry simply by accessing any applications menu. Just click the menu item at the top called "Web Search" and instantly the Web Search toolbar pops up.

The Web Search toolbar remembers which search engine you used and what type of search you performed whether it was a Web search, News, Finance or Video. To make searches even quicker it even remembers your previous search phrases so you only need to press the first character of a previous search and you will be able to select the search you want from the filtered list popup.

All your favorite search engines are included and it will even search based on your country location. Free Edition is Limited to Google Web searches only.

Now completely 100% compatible with popular app launcher apps like QuickLaunch and KBLauncher and also the BlackBerry convenience keys.

For faster searching:

- The popup search bar is displayed at the top part of the screen so that on phones with a touch screen virtual keyboard, the search popup is always fully displayed.

- Pressing any character at any point will always switch focus to the search input box so you never have to move focus to the search input box yourself.

- Pressing Enter or clicking when focus is on the search input box will perform a search so you never have to click the search icon.

Notes for Free Edition:

This version is limited to using Google Web searches only.
Paid version includes News, Finance and Video searches for Google searches as well as including all searches for Yahoo and Bing.

What are People saying about "Google Web Search for BlackBerry®" ....

Title: Great!
The best websearch

Title: Amazing
Amazing works very good you get really quick and easy web search and it searches for what you ask for!:D

Title: Its bril
That's a good app

Title: Wicked app!
Awesomness! Free internet wooop!

Title: It is the best
The fastest

Title: I love it
Could not ask for a better app

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