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Fuze Messenger

Fuze Messenger

Business IM for the BlackBerry®! With a single application, you get safe, secure, professional instant messaging and presence status with all major IM networks. Stay connected real time with colleagues, associates, family, and friends on AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk and more! Now also supporting Facebook chat and Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS).

Fuze Messenger Gives You These Features/Benefits:
- Business-Grade Security keep chat messages private with SSL-encryption and your password secure with RSA asymmetric encryption.
- Sustained IM Sign-in close Fuze Messenger and stay signed in to your IM networks using background IM.
- Public IM Import Wizard populate your IM contact list quickly and easily.
- Contact Search go directly to the contact you want without scrolling.
- Automatic Reconnection reconnect automatically to Fuze Messenger if your data connection drops.
- Hyperlink Support - follow links in IM messages and still stay logged in to Fuze Messenger.
- International and Non-English Character Support send and receive chats in other languages.

Once you install Fuze Messenger, follow the on-screen instructions for setting up a Fuze Messenger account. The account gives you one convenient connection point to all your IM networks, rather than multiple points, saving you valuable time and maximizing battery life. Log in, import your contacts and you are ready to IM.

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