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Fish Length to Weight

Fish Length to Weight

Don't have a scale and just hooked into the big one? no worries, Fish Length To Weight Calculator allows you to calculate the weight of a fish by simply entering it's length! Over 270 Saltwater species from predominantly around South Africa as well as a range of species that roam our oceans such as Barracuda, Sharks, Marlin, and many others.
This App encourages you to safely measure the length of a Fish, and thereby avoiding any injury or harm to the fish. This applies especially to 'Catch and Release' to preserve the health of our fish stocks.

Fish Length To Weight is one of the most accurate calculators currently available.
**This is NOT a DEMO Application, This is a FULL Application, so all species are available.
-Simply Search to make it easy and convenient
-Super fast operation
-Weights converted to Kilograms and Pounds
-Internet Connection is not necessary

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