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FFmpeg 4 Android

FFmpeg 4 Android

Add FFmpeg support to Your application!
This is simple, all you have to do is install this application, then your application will be able to connect to this Android service, and run FFmpeg commands.

Here is the source of the demo application (also available inside this library) that use our FFMpeg service:

* FFmpeg4Android can be used on any Android device that use ARMv5 and up.

* Its also possible to bundle it with your application.

* It was tested on lots of devices (Phones and Tablets).

* See how easy is to do from your application:
# Video/Sound size conversion.
# Video/Sound Codec conversion.
# Video/Sound file size decrease.
# Video aspect ratio change.
# Remove sound from video.
# Get only sound from video.
# Get MP3 audio from video
# Transcode WAV to mp3.
And a lot more...

For more information read our blog post:

* Free 15 Days Trial.

Tags: FFmpeg, Codecs, Sound Conversion, Video Conversion, Video Editing, libmp3lame, h264.

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