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Fancy Multi-Language Notes

Fancy Multi-Language Notes

Graceful Loving Notes is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, colorful note taking apps for BlackBerry®. This fast note is a piece of programming beauty that boasts a clean and simple user interface so that you can quickly jot down your thoughts and reminders without hassle.

Adding a new note is as easy as pie, clicking "Add Fast Note" in menu from anywhere and you're all set to take notes in colorful "Note Text" box in your desired language!

* Set this app on your convenience key to make it more powerful *

REMINDERS:- Beyond all, this app gives you option to add reminders with recurrence to any notes so that you never forget anything worth that matters.

MULTILINGUAL:- It has been localized to many different popular language.

CLOUD SUPPORT:- We are working on it, in next upgrade we are going to add cloud support.

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