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El Mundo Economia y Negocios

El Mundo Economia y Negocios

Launcher of the mobile portal of El Mundo Economia y Negocios

World Economics and Business is the platform multimedia business and economics content in Venezuela.
It offers the best and most complete information specialist and utilitarian, with analysis, approaches and data that help our audiences to make informed decisions in their daily lives and business management.

We offer value-added content are tools to plan investments and understand the economic context of Venezuela and the world.

Our contents include topics such as Business and Finance (banking, public policy, business), Business (management, entrepreneurship, technology, Human Capital, CSR and RSA), Markets (indicators, global stock markets, analysis, investments), Energy and Petroleum (Industry oil company, PDVSA activities, alternative energy), Personal Finance, Opinion and Lifestyle.

World Economics and Business is one of the Group's brands Editorial Cadena Capriles. It has become one of the most serious and prestigious of Venezuela, has a staff of columnists and analysts who review their reference pages, and the editorial team has been publicly recognized for their journalistic approach dynamically balanced and constantly innovative.

** Only available on spanish **

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