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DUI Dodger for Android

In some states, DUI checkpoints are more rampant than ever. Fight back with DUI Dodger, the app that allows you to view DUI checkpoints in your area, before they happen. Information is power, and we think people will be less inclined to drink and drive if they know that there is (or will be) a checkpoint in their area. DUI Dodger includes a lifetime subscription to our frequently-updated list of published DUI checkpoints on a map, coupled with several useful tools and information regarding the dangers of drinking and driving.

DUI Checkpoint Finder: DUI Dodger lets users see published DUI checkpoints (ahead of time, within a 50-mile radius of your location) which we collect from law enforcement agencies. DUI checkpoints are always changing, so listings expire automatically after 30 days. If a user finds that a listing is inaccurate, they can “flag” the listing and it will be indicated on the DUI checkpoint detail screen. Checkpoints are often precise, but may be off by up to 1 mile due to police ambiguity.

Blood Alcohol Content Calculator: To help users better understand their tolerance level, DUI Dodger also comes with a Blood Alcohol Content (“BAC”) calculator. The BAC calculator takes in a number of variables, including age, gender, weight, type of drinks consumed, and duration of consumption, and then returns a person’s BAC level based on that information.

Walk The Line Game: DUI Dodger features a “walk the line” game which mimics a part of typical police sobriety test. In that game, users hold their phone face up, arms extended, and walk in a straight line for 5 to 10 seconds. The phone records the user’s stability as they walk, and averages it out for the user so they can see for themselves how balanced (or unbalanced) they are.

Facts and Myths About Drinking and Driving: DUI Dodger provides a number of useful and interesting facts, myths, laws, and dangers about drunk driving. This information, coupled with knowledge about a person’s current sobriety level, will hopefully lead to increased awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Extreme Value: Other companies charge up to $150, or require monthly subscriptions, for the same thing. Buy DUI Dodger now and get a lifetime subscription and 100% free future updates, all included in the sales price.

DUI Dodger
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