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Dead Key FOB

Dead Key FOB

The Dead Key FOB App is Back-up Plan, a utility, to get you into your push-button vehicle and underway when the battery in your key fob goes flat.

And it will go flat. Sooner than you will be ready for. Why? Because the very nature of a keyless start system requires that the key fob attempt to be in constant radio contact with your vehicle. The end result the battery in your keyless start system’s key fob will be depleted in two years or less.

Is there a standard ‘hard’ key? Yes, and we’ll show you how to retrieve it. And special attention to Audi, Jaguar, Lexus, Volkswagen and Volvo owners: the keyhole is hidden – just to make the car look better! And the instructions to find are now locked in your car in your owner’s manual!

And worse, there is no standard way to start your car. This app will show you: 29 distinct starting variations (General Motors and Hyundai/Kia use six different ways each and Ford another four!); 13 variations on retrieving the mechanical key, and six variations for getting into your vehicle. They are shown by vehicle manufacturer.

-Don’t get caught in a dark parking lot without this app!
-Don’t borrow or rent a car without this app!
-Don’t give your kids the car to drive without this app!

The battery in your key fob WILL go dead, but there IS a back-up plan! And we can help.

The app includes text instructions and illustrations for keyless entry and start systems for 13 major manufacturers including: Acura, BMW (and Mini) Chrysler (with Dodge and Jeep) Ford (and Lincoln), General Motors (Chevrolet / Cadillac / Buick), Hyundai (and Kia) Jaguar, Mazda, Mercedes, Nissan (and Infiniti), Toyota (with Lexus and Scion), Volkswagen (and Audi) and Volvo.

The App is a good-faith effort to find every possible option for getting in and starting a push-button start car with a dead key fob. Get it today!

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