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Common Converters Free

Common Converters Free

This is the ad service application before buying the application please try it once

* The common converter is a Must Have application for all BlackBerry® users.
* The easy to use interface can make the conversions quick & easy.
* You can convert anything to anything quickly while you're on the go.
* More than 600 conversions possible.
* The Common Converters application can quickly and easy translate different units of measure.
* The conversions are possible unitwise in the following categories.
o Angle
o Area
o Capacity and Volume
o Data Storage
o Distance and Length
o Energy and Work
o Force
o Power
o Pressure
o Time
o Velocity
o Volume-Dry
o Weight and Mass


* Almost all common converters available.
* More than 600 conversions possible.
* Easy to use
* Quick & flexible.

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