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CocoPPa for Android

Let's make the cutest home screen in the world.♪
♡ (๑ʻัદʻั๑) ♡

CocoPPa is an app which enables you to make your favorite image as the "one-touch icon" and place the icon on the home screen.
Create your very own cute and customized home screens using image submitted by creators and users.
Fill your home screen with all of your favourite pictures.

◆Controls are easy, 3 steps.
STEP1:Select an icon you like.
STEP2:Choose a link destination your want to activate with the icon.
STEP3:By selecting the "add to home screen" ...
the icon is created instantly☆

◆What is "one-touch icon"?
It's a short-cut icon allowing you to access functions from your home screen.

◆What functions are available?
The function that can call your loved one and family at one single touch.

◆You can choose whether to make it public or private when submitting☆
Post your photos of your loved one and family in Private mode if you don't want everyone to be see them.
Post icons after selection "public" if you want to show them to everyone.
※The pictures to be publicly displayed need to be reviewed and verified by our staff.


Icons that can be created with this application is just shortcut icons.
If you delete the function or application which you want to activate, the icon will not work anymore.
We will not be responsible for the application which you accidentally deleted, so please be careful.


◆Inquiry about this application

◆Official Twitter account!/cocoPPa_com

◆Official Twitter Hashtag

※"CocoPPa" is in the process of applying for trademark.
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