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Civitfun CheckIn

Civitfun CheckIn

Civitfun Checkin is a application for event organizers, with this app you can manage your event and review all the attendees who bought a ticket. Scan the ticket or check the names on the guestlist, use several devices at the same time, without worrying about the same ticket being used twice.

With Civitfun CheckIn you can:
- Check in the attendees to your event.
- Easy validate QR codes using your device camera as scanner.
- Check in attendees using several devices at the same time.
- Review your attendance data online at every moment as well as the sales that have been made in your event.

What I have to do for use Civitfun CheckIn?
In order to use this app, you should previosly create a event at Civitfun. Do you organize events? Publish your events at and connect with your potential users.

How it works?
It's very easy! When the attendee shows you the ticket or the promotion, whether printed or on his device, you just have to scan the QR code with Civitfun CheckIn

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