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City Race Bike Simulator

City Race Bike Simulator

City Race Bike Simulator is the newest fast paced driving open world motorbike race simulator. You control super fast motorbikes and have the key to the city, go fast and be the best motorbike stunt rider. Get extreme air time and zoom through the city streets as one of the most skilled motorbike drivers in City Race Bike Simulator. Achieve super speeds with unique modified city motorbikes and motocross bikes and super charged nitro boost so the bike can go off huge stunt ramps to gain some incredible air time!

Explore the huge open city world environment in City Race Bike Simulator, ride your motorbike off stunt ramps spread throughout the city to perform the most amazing, jaw-dropping stunts. Race your motorbike to incredible top speeds with nitro boosts. Like going to extreme top speeds and performing amazing stunts all while you are having the best time?

Start downloading the latest action-packed motorbike game, City Race Bike Simulator! Available now for FREE!

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