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Childhood Medical Journal Free

Childhood Medical Journal Free

This app not only allows you to track the illnesses and medications your 
children have had, it also allows you to record and monitor:

• food intake
• release (wet/stool/vomit)
• fevers, seizures & concerns
• rashes, moles, etc.
• immunizations
• specialist & hospital visits
• all doctor exams
• prescription drugs

If you want to unlock it’s full benefits, you can also record:
• allergies
• growth
• milestones
• eye & ear exams
• genetic history

and so much more. Pages can be emailed with ease to doctors, caregivers or schools to prevent mistakes from happening and save parents time and worry. The pages can even be printed for binders and the entries can sync w/ a second iPhone and the iPad HD version so you only need to enter the information once. Note: Both devices need to share one Apple ID for the apps to share information.

To begin, every child is assigned a color reference so information is organized and access to questions and answers is quick and easy. It is the one and only family medical organizer you will need no matter how many issues you have to tackle! The full version even allows you to keep a journal of memories and include photos from your camera roll or a photo taken on the spot.

Lastly, all the information is kept secure and safe on your device and only you decide who to share it with. This means you can access your information without use of the internet!

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