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Business Card Reader XT Lite

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Business Card Reader XT Lite for Android

Business Card Reader XT takes a picture of a business card, use text recognition technology and automatically fills in contact information fields in PIM address book.


1. In order to make sure the application works, you must allow the application permissions:
- Share files.
- Access PIM domain contacts.
- BBM connect.
2. If you accidentally uncheck permissions when the application loaded at the first time, you have to go into the application settings and make sure those permissions are turned on.
3. Currently it only support English language.
4. Tips:
- Get close to the card, make sure it fills the camera view.
- Wait the camera is locked (focus turns green).
- Try to focus text on the card, avoid shaking.
- Capture card in a good lighting, avoid reflection and shadows.
- Use 16:9 aspect ratio.
- Off flash when capturing card has dark background.

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