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BlackBerry Calculator

BlackBerry Calculator

The BlackBerry Calculator app combines a variety of calculator functions in one convenient app!‎

You can use the scientific calculator for both basic and complex calculations. To access more advanced functions, simply swipe left or right.

The tip calculator is useful for calculating how much each person owes when you share the cost of a meal. You can calculate the tip portion, as well as everyone’s portion of the total bill. Eating out just got easier!

The unit converter is a useful way to convert values from one unit of measurement to another. Use the unit picker to quickly select the units that you want to convert. The unit converter includes several different measurement categories, including temperature, volume, pressure, and more.

*Your use of this software is governed by the BlackBerry Solution License Agreement for your jurisdiction ("BBSLA"). If you do not already have a copy of the BBSLA, it can be found at

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