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Black Friday Shopper

Black Friday Shopper

Black Friday Shopper is a fantastic way to browse and shop the vast offerings of Black Friday sales across a multitude of stores and categories. It has a rich set of features, making it intuitive to use, and offers all the basics of any great product-based shopping application. It loads the latest deals automatically, allowing users instant access to them. Deals are consolidated by store and/or product category, and are easily located using the Search feature. You can definitely save valuable time during the Black Friday shopping season with this state of the art app!


* Use the Search feature to quickly find out which stores have what you are looking for

* Create multiple Wishlists to store and classify your favorite Black Friday deals for later ease of access to them

* Share deals a number of different ways, email or text. Send specific deals or even entire Wishlists to your friends – have your mother or friend help you with your shopping list!

* Automatic updates to Deals as soon as they are released

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