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Allflex RS420

Allflex RS420

The RS420 app connects wirelessly to the Allflex RS420 stick reader. It allows you to very easily transfer session data from the reader and record it to the NLIS (Australia) and NAIT (New Zealand) animals database.

The RS420 app is designed specifically for the ground-breaking Allflex RS420 Green Stick Reader (reader is required).

The app connects wirelessly to the RS420 Green Stick Reader via the built-in Bluetooth - no additional hardware required, and no need to connect the stick reader to a computer. Select sessions to download and transfer tags to your phone (or you can scan tags on the fly) and then transfer your data to the NLIS (Australia) or NAIT (New Zealand) animal database at the push of a button.

See our YouTube videos to understand how the RS420 Green Stick Reader takes the hassle out of fulfilling your NLIS or NAIT requirements.

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