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200 Situps Free

200 Situps Free

This is the ad service application before buying the application please try it once

* Performing around 20 consecutive good form situps is pretty tough for most people out there.
* How about performing 200 situps? Its a challenge!!
* If you are serious about increasing your core strength, fitness and general health, then this application is for you.
* This application gives you a six week training program that will see you well on your way to reaching this heady target by investing no more than thirty minutes each week.
* Discipline is the key here. You can definitely perform continuous situps if you follow the training program strictly.
* Perform an initial test first & then this number will dictate your targets over the ensuing six week period.
* As the program progresses, the number of situps count per set increase and see you working your way slowly up towards the target.
* A log book & graphs can be seen in the application.
* You can definitely gain strength using this application & performing the training program.

Note: Extensive effort has been exerted to make the application as accurate as possible. However, the accuracy & completeness of the information provided cannot be guaranteed.

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